Human resource solutions for
any-sized businesses

Human resource solutions for any-sized businesses

We provide professional employer organization (PEO) services in more than 141 countries across the globe. We ensure you are given the right tools and guidance to hire the best talent globally.

What is Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?

Employment of Record (EOR) vs Professional Employer Organisation (PEO)
- What Are The Differences?

EOR and PEO are both professional services providers that help companies with their internal HR functions, both locally and globally, through these terms have been used interchangeably,EOR and PEO do have some important distinctions, including different meanings and legal implaciations, depending on each country.

Employ workers other countries on your behalf Yes No
Manage HR tasks (e.g. payroll, tax deductions) Yes Yes
Compliance with local labour laws Yes No
Owning legal entities in the country Not needed Not needed

Still cannot decide?

Whether you already have local entity set up in the country you wish to hire from, or you are still deciding whether you need to set up a local entity, we are here with solutions tailored for your business global hiring needs.

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