Global Employer of Record.

Leverage our Global EOR services across 100+ countries to compliantly hire and manage the best person for the job, no matter where in the world they are - without setting up new entities.

How it works

Let us know where you want to hire - we'll handle everything else

Find the ideal candidate you want to hire

Identify talent based on your requirements, including job role and location – we’ll help generate a compliant employment agreement.

We'll onboard your candidate

Our team of experts will take care of onboarding, setting up compliant payroll and ensure HR data security.

Let us handle the details while you focus on growth

Never worry about local regulations as we shoulder the responsibility to provide a compliant work arrangement.

Quickfire Onboarding

Hiring an international candidate is quicker than ever. All adminstrative tasks and paperwork is taken care of.

Airtight Compliance

Don’t risk making regulatory mistakes. Comply with local labour laws, manage and pay your international team with zero worries.

Lower Costs

Avoid heavy overseas investment to scale your operations. Our EOR service gives you the freedom to hire anywhere.

What is a Global Employer of Record?

An Employer of Record (EOR) unlocks your ability to leverage on a vast pool of global talent. As a third party legal employer of your international team, an EOR handles payroll, insurance, benefits, taxes and local compliance,

If you've explored human resources and international expansion, you might be familiar with global EORs already.

Instead of costly and temporary expat arrangements, non-compliant independent contractors, or the time-consuming establishment of local entities, our EOR solution provides a fully compliant method to hire talent anywhere without the need to set up your own entity.

The right talent is waiting, hire them now with a global EOR service.

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